Flaunt your Frenchness encourages you to celebrate all that is French – whether it’s the language, fashion, wine & cheese, that special “joie de vivre,” or simply your passion for the Montreal Canadians.

Take a chance to win 2 tickets for the Vancouver Folk Music Festival  !

(deadline: July 6, 3 p.m.)

Take the SELFIE CHALLENGE, how does it work ?

NOW- here’s your chance to be fun, creative, and show the world how you Flaunt YOUR Frenchness: take the selfie challenge!

1-First, check out this Flaunt Your Frenchness trailer. Get the idea?

2-Make your own video OR take a photo of you “flaunting” in our own special way!

Ex: Reciting a French quote; Eating your croissant; Enjoying your French class ...

3-Email that photo or video to flauntyfrenchness@gmail.com or send it by Facebook Messenger to @FlauntYourFrenchness

4-The most original or funniest submissions will be promoted online and eligible for some cool prizes!

Start Flaunting Your Frenchness today!


Legal notices:

- If you choose to make a video: don’t forget to mention “Flaunt Your Frenchness” at one moment
- Videos may not exceed 10 seconds
- Do not rotate the video camera when capturing video
- Photos or videos with violent or sexual contents are not suitable
- This Flaunt Your Frenchness’ campaign can’t be used for commercial purposes.
- We guarantee that ANY of your content will be use or broadcast without permission
- Flaunt Your Frenchness is an original idea developed by Société francophone de Maillardville.


Merci to the video maker Gaetan Nerincx and to Centre culturel francophone de Vancouver and Salade de fruit's restaurant.

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“There is no end to experiencing the fun and joy of our culture” ~ Johanne Dumas, Executive Director of the SFM.

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