Answers of week #23 puzzle’s

Did you guess right?    1.B. Circus Knie (Switzerland): Training of animals and tightrope walking 2.D. Cavalia (Canada, Québec): Equestrian and acrobatic techniques 3.C. Les 7 doigts de la main (Canada, Québec): Acrobatics and juggling 4.A. Circus Plume (France): Clown, trapeze, shadow theater and actors theater     Flaunt Your Frenchness is pleased to be partnering with the show KOOZA from Oct 29 to… Read More

Deux ans de votre vie – WIN TICKETS NOW

Who would like to see the play “Deux ans de votre vie” with English surtitles this Saturday? For a chance to win 2 tickets, drop a comment and tell us why you’d like to go! Where? STUDIO 16 – 1545 W 7th Ave, Vancouver When? Saturday, October 24 – 8 pm   Deux ans de votre vie Brigitte finds her brother hanging in… Read More


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