Deux ans de votre vie – WIN TICKETS NOW

Who would like to see the play “Deux ans de votre vie” with English surtitles this Saturday?
For a chance to win 2 tickets, drop a comment and tell us why you’d like to go!

Where? STUDIO 16 – 1545 W 7th Ave, Vancouver

When? Saturday, October 24 – 8 pm


Deux ans de votre vie

Brigitte finds her brother hanging in a closet. He’s not dead, just a little twisted. Perfectly normal; everyone knows that single people want to kill themselves. Exasperated by her brother’s recurring crises, Brigitte decides to find him a partner. She manipulates Chloé, the first single person to cross her path, and forces her to sign a contract. Immediately her brother Jérémie moves in with Chloé  without warning  with his shirts, his habits, his needs and his culinary talents. And Chloé can’t do anything about it; she signed a contract, a real one with clauses, dates and those other official contractual things. But what’s surprising, is that it works. It’s love, just like you see in movies!

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