french-phrases-used-in-english13You shout “Encore! Encore! Encore!” while giving a standing ovation, raising both of your hands clasped together to make a single fist, shaking it from left to right.

A phrase English speakers use after an impeccable performance. So good, that you need more, encore!

For English speakers encore is only related to show biz, but in French it’s a daily dose. “Again” or “another” are the literal translations. “Yet,” “still” or “even” are more intricate translations. “Pas encore,” “not yet,” is commonly used too.

For example:

Il y a encore du riz. (There’s still rice left)

Ce n’est pas encore l’heure. (It’s not time yet.)

En veux-tu encore ? (Do you want some more?)

Encore mieux ! (Even better!)

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