Flaunt Your Frenchness Tip #10

Rendez-Vous #10: A Few Must-See Bilingual Blogs

August 31 is World Blog Day.

Discover Bilingual blogs of interest.
Pick the one you prefer depending on your tastes and your mood.



Fubiz: The latest creative news about art, design, photography, advertising, video clips and pop-culture. Original and quality content.


chocolat et zucchini

Chocolate & Zucchini: Recipe ideas, cooking inspiration, musings on ingredients, cookbooks, utensils, restaurants and travel experiences.



Ufunk: Art, gadgets, design and amazing topics. A quirky and unusual look at pop culture and artists.



Oui, c’est ça ! An eclectic mix of culture, grammar, songs, news and vocabulary. Written in English with lots of phrases and their translations thrown in.

Newsletter #10 – A Few Must-See Bilingual Blogs


Flaunt Your Frenchness