Flaunt Your Frenchness Tip #12

Rendez-Vous #12: Labour Day

September 7 is Labour Day in Canada. Did you know that in all the other Francophone countries Labour Day is on May 1st?

May 1st is celebrated since the late nineteenth century in homage to the struggles of the labor movement (such as the eight-hour day) and as a commemoration of the bloody strike on May 3, 1886 at McCormick factories of Chicago (USA).


Discover Labor Day rituals around the world: 

  • Belgium: Parades in different cities
  • France: Present a lily of the Valley to a loved one More
  • Haiti: Fest featuring Agriculture Professional and artisans products More
  • Luxembourg: Festival of Labour and Cultures More
  • Senegal: Parades with amazing local dancer performances More
  • Switzerland: Spring songs and distribution of sweets to all the kids

labour day

Click on the image above to see an interesting video about the origins of Labour Day in the world.

Newsletter #12 – Labour Day


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