Flaunt Your Frenchness Tip #20

Rendez-Vous #20: Resolving Commuting Boredom

Your commute is getting longer as the day of the week passes? Then, we have something for you: French Podcasts!
Those are not only beneficial for practising your understanding of French but it’s also a perfect opportunity to discover and recognize the different Francophone accents. N’oubliez pas d’en faire profiter autour de vous (translation).




News in slow French
The perfect podcast for beginners with text and some translated words. Not to be missed. Listen here.





Ta gueule !
In each episode, a French columnist gives a 3 minute French lesson. It’s funny and informative. Listen here.





Si tu écoutes, j’annule tout
Two Belgian columnists mistreat theFrench day’s news with a guest. Worth it for the hint of humour. Listen here.





Comedy News Weekly
A quebecois stand up man and a Belgian journalist speak about Francophone and American humorous news. Interesting! Listen here.



Newsletter #20 – Resolving Commuting Boredom


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