Flaunt Your Frenchness Tip #37

Rendez-Vous #37: Festival du Bois Begins This Friday!


festivalThis weekend, Flaunt Your Frenchness by attending the folk music Festival du Bois. Don’t forget to join us on March 4, 5 & 6 in Mackin Park, Coquitlam.

A bit of history…
In 1989, after 80 years of significant presence in Maillardville, a small group of very passionate people formed a committee. It was first created to honour those families who came here to work in the wood industry, and to celebrate de French Canadian spirit.


Participate in Geocaching!geocaching
It’s a treasure hunt and a voyage through Maillardville’s history – all in one! Gain new insights into the early settlers, the events and people that made Maillardville what it is today. The adventure begins at 11:30am, Saturday, March 5 at the Flaunt your Frenchness kiosk at the festival. Visit the booth for more info & go to geocaching.com to sign up.


Newsletter #37 – Festival du Bois Begins This Friday!


Flaunt Your Frenchness