Flaunt Your Frenchness Tip #38

Rendez-Vous #38: Want A Pinch Of Frenchness In Your Beverage? We Have What You Need!

These 4 beverages have all something Francophone somehow. Have fun finding what it is and making them at home! Click on the link to get the recipes and on the images for more info about their origins.


Chocolat-chaud Louis XV Chocolate

  • 300 gr chocolate
  • 30 cl water
  • 1 egg yolk
Louis XV, king of France in the 18th century, is considered a great lover of the cocoa drink. Around 1730, the king prepares himself this beverage in the kitchens of its apartments. Find the full recipe here.



  • 1.5 litres water
  • 3 lemons + 1 orange
  • 50 gr sugar
From Mediterranean countries, traditionally Algeria, Tunisia and Morocco, this drink is considered a cool and refreshing drink made with lemon and sugar. Find the full recipe here.


Delicious, creamy, festive eggnogChaudeau

  • 1 vanilla pod + 1 cinnamon stick
  • 1 litre milk + 4 eggs
  • 1 lime zest + 100 gr sugar
Coming from Guadeloupe, Chaudeau is a kind of eggnog of the Caribbean. It is served at weddings, communions and christenings, with a cake. Find the full recipe here.

petit-the-glace Iced Tea with Citrus

  • 1 litre tea
  • 4 spoon sugar
  • 20 cl oranges
Refreshing drink par excellence, Switzerland was one of the first European countries to serve it year-round. Find the full recipe here.

Neswletter #38 – Want A Pinch Of Frenchness In Your Beverage? We Have What You Need!

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