Flaunt Your Frenchness Tip #4

Rendez-vous #4 – Discover some Francophone singers

Today, we’ve listed six of the many amazing Francophone artists. 

Cœur de pirate : pop folk music French-Canadian artist. Click to listen the song Comme des enfants


Odelaf : humour music French artist. Click to listen the funny song La tristitude


Amadou et Mariam : world music Malians artists. Click to discover their warm realm and listen their tune La réalité


BB brunes : pop rock music French band. Click to listen the fascinating Nico Teen Love song

bb brunes

Stromae : Belgian singer of electronic music. Click to listen the delightful Ave Cesaria song


Mika : pop music British-Lebanese singer. Click to listen the playful Elle me dit song


Newsletter #4 Discover some Francophone singers


Flaunt Your Frenchness