Flaunt Your Frenchness Tip #45

Rendez-Vous #45: Let’s Dance!

April 29 is International Dance Day. This date was chosen to commemorate Jean-Georges Noverre‘s birthday (1727-1810), a French dancer and balletmaster, the creator of modern ballet. To mark this date and celebrate this art form, discover some inspiring choreographies by Francophone artists. Click the videos below.


germaine acognyWelcome by Waxtaan / Afro-Dites, 2014.
Or how to highlight the richness of traditional African dance. Franco-Senegalese dancer and choreographer, Germaine Acogny is a historical figure of dance in Africa since the founding of her first African dance studio in Dakar in 1968.



pokemon crew#Hashtag by Pockemon crew, 2016.

The story of this company begins in 1996 in the streets of Lyon, France and its suburbs. A team of eight hip-hop dancers was formed and decided to export their skills beyond the boundaries of the city. Today, it is the most decorated dance battle crew in the world


che-malambo_11x17-4Flaunt Your Frenchness is pleased to be partnering with the showChe Malambo. It celebrates the unique South American cowboy tradition of the gaucho in a magnificently choreographed entertainment and cultural experience, accessible to all ages! This fiery and athletic Argentine dance company is directed by award winning French choreographer Gilles Brinas, former dancer with Maurice Béjart’s Ballet of the Twentieth Century.

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Newsletter #45: Let’s Dance!


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