Flaunt Your Frenchness Tip #52

Rendez-Vous #52: Summer Is Coming. Let’s Enjoy Some Festivals!


This is the last Rendez-Vous of 52 ways to Flaunt Your Frenchness... but stay tuned for more to come!

vista-wallpaper-indiana-summer - CopyWe hope you had much fun and learned a few things with us.

Fortunately, Summer is coming this Tuesday June 21, full of promise!



We have gathered for you some of the best Francophone festivals you can attend in the world:



  • Festival d’été, Vancouver, BC, Canada (Francophone music festival). June 18th 2016. More.
  • Fête de la musique (music festivals in many cities in France, Belgium, Switzerland). June 21th, 2016. More.
  • Marrakesh Popular Arts Festival, Marrakesh, Morocco. July 1-31, 2016. More.





  • Festival d’Avignon, France (free and paying plays). July 6-24, 2016. More.
  • Heiva, French Polynesia (celebration of indigenous culture). July 7-23, 2016. More.
  • Musique du bout du monde, Gaspé, Quebec, Canada (world music festival). August 5-14, 2016. More.




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Take care and keep Flaunting Your Frenchness!


Newsletter #52: Summer Is Coming. Let’s Enjoy Some Festivals!

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