Flaunt Your Frenchness Tip #7

Rendez-Vous #7: Give a French nickname to your cat!

August 8 is International Cat Day.
Share pictures or videos of your cat on our forum and Flaunt Your Frenchness by giving him/her a cute French nickname!


This cat definitely Flaunt his Frenchness. His nickname is Moustache!


We all know Puss in Boots. His name his “Chat Botté” in French. Click HERE to hear his French voice.


Did you know that Sylvester is “Gros Minet” in French? Check him out in HERE.


If you want inspiration for your own videos, we have selected few adorable clips

  1. Click HERE to discover the story of Guy Le Chat
  2. Click HERE to view cats dance moves
  3. Click HERE to watch happy kittens

Newsletter #7 – Give a French nickname to your cat!

Flaunt Your Frenchness