Mylène Farmer

When a friend of mine ask me how do I personally flaunt my frenchness, music first came to mind! I love listening Francophone artists such as Mylène Farmer, Axelle Red, Étienne Daho, J-J Goldman and more.

Steak tartare

Last week, I was invited to this cute little French bistro in Vancouver and got to enjoy a Steak tartare. Food is my way to Flaunt my Frenchness 🙂

Festival du Bois

I attend the Festival du Bois every year. I don’t understand what they are saying but I understand the music. And the poutine! Taiyo G, Victoria


I like to flaunt MY Frenchness when listen to a bands like Suroit from my dad’s CD collection. They make me so happy! Kaya N., Coquitlam


I flaunt my Frenchness on Sunday morning when I get up before everyone else in the family is awake and I drive down to the local bakery to purchase a selection of pastries including croissants (chocolate and plain). When I get home I make a pot of coffee and heat up the croissants in the… Read More


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