Gilles Brinas, French Choreographer

che-malambo_afficheChe Malambo is coming to Vancouver, May 20 2016 at the Vogue Theatre!

This powerhouse all-male company of 14 men celebrates the unique South American cowboy tradition of the gaucho in a wonderfully wild spectacle of drumming and foot stomping dance, choreographed by French national, Gilles Brinas.

A renowned dancer and choreographer, Brinas, performed with many prestigious companies in Europe including Ballet de l’Opéra de Lyon, and the Ballet of the Twentieth Century (Maurice Béjart). The Paris-based Brinas first learned about Malambo while researching traditional dances.

He soon fell under its spell and travelled to the Pampas region of Argentina to engage with the gaucho and further his exploration of their traditions. Inspired by the passion of the dance and the dancers alike, Brinas created Che Malambo so as to share this powerful, passionate and compelling dance form worldwide.

 More info about Che Malambo here.

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