Matinee and matinée

theaterThe “first showing” of a movie or spectacle, how much do we love those? They’re affordable and place you on top of a movie critic’s (critiques, another French word) list.

On the French side, matinée, like “matin,” means “morning,” as well as the “entire morning” (from sunrise to noon). While the French speakers might also have their matinée movie deals, for them it refers to the “first showing” in the afternoon, not morning.

Furthermore, matinée in French is also a woman’s “morning” draws, robe or attire (although this term isn’t used very often anymore). For example:

Cette une belle matinée. (It’s a beautiful morning.)

Une matinée de ballet. (An afternoon performance of ballet.)

Faire la grasse matinée. (To sleep in late./To sleep the entire morning.)

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